Rachel Weisz won’t have any more children with husband Daniel Craig

Hollywood: Doting on her three-month-old daughter with Bond star husband Daniel Craig and enjoying glowing reviews for her latest film, Oscar-winning actress Rachel Weisz reckons her world is now enough.

Rachel, 48 – also mum to 12-year-old Henry with film-maker ex Darren Aronofsky, 49 – insists she will stop at being a mum of two. “I definitely know there won’t be another one,” she says. “When I had my son I thought I’d have maybe two or three more.

“But the preciousness of a new life and family means so much more now I’m more mature and older. My son was a miracle and it was an incredible experience. “But doing it again now I’m older is very deep and very precious. I am very lucky.” She’s not the only one – those fortunate youngsters have a very easy-going mum. “I’m a bit of a pushover as a mother,” she admits. “I’m not super-strict. I love it so I’m a very happy mother.”

The family divide their time between London and New York but will be enjoying the festive period somewhere remote, where they will keep celebrations simple. Rachel, whose parents fled to the UK from mainland Europe before the Second World War to escape the Nazis, says: “I grew up Jewish, I didn’t really grow up with Christmas, so I don’t have any tradition, there’s no special plan.

“We’re going to the country but I haven’t planned a meal and don’t know what we’re going to cook. “We’ll have a plain old Christmas tree. My son does Hanukkah and Christmas, so he lights the Hanukkah candles every day with his dad, so it’s like a mixture.”Rachel won her Oscar in 2006 for The Constant Gardener, 10 years after her Hollywood breakthrough in Chain Reaction with Keanu Reeves. She was propelled to stardom in 1999 hit The Mummy and follow-up The Mummy Returns.

Now there is nothing left on her Christmas wishlist. “The gift I would like is just to have my family have good health and happiness, and that’s about it,” she says. “I don’t need anything material.”

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