Proud to call you my Prime Minister: Mahira speaks of PM Imran

Lahore: As Imran Khan’s maiden speech aired on Sunday with his historic ascension to the seat as newly-elected head of state, the nation for the very first time witnessed a poised, impassioned and mature public address from a premier. 

In his speech Khan vowed to introduce extensive reforms in various sectors of the society, drawing attention to issues utterly related to those of a common man.

As he spoke of societal ills such as child abuse, environmental pollution etc. plaguing the country in his speech, Khan moved hearts and inspired many.

One of the people who were deeply touched by Khan’s  speech is Mahira Khan, who says she’s proud to have Khan as Prime Minister.

The ‘Raees’ starlet, in a heartfelt Instagram post, has shared that she stands with Khan in his mission.

“Words one never thought you’d get to hear, feel proud to call you my Prime Minister Khan!,” wrote Mahira.

She added, “At your service with this mission of yours.”

Mahira also said that PM Khan has become a part of “the esteemed list of people” her mother prays for.

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