PM Imran reaches out to bureaucracy to implement his agenda

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday reached out to  civil servants to seek their help in  implementing agenda of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government.

Addressing  civil servants, Khan said he would  need support of bureaucracy to  tackle the issues  facing the country.

He said without their help   the agenda of his government would be rendered  useless as civil servants are executive arm  of the administration.

Khan  stressed the need for change of mindset that has been holding the country back and assured   them that the government would support them  against all kind of pressures.

He said before partition,  British ruling elite   led luxurious lives     because they were using  money of their slaves .

The prime minister said the mindset needs to change and the civil servants should   think of common people as their own  people.

“Accountability is a cornerstone of our government,” he said, adding that  he has asked the National Accountability Bureau Chairman   to not to humiliate   those who the anti-graft body seeks to  interrogate .

He said the corruption has destroyed the institutions beside  depriving the country of its wealth.

The premiere said  regardless of the  their  political affiliation, the civil servants should  serve their country and should rest assured that he would be standing their side  should need be.

He acknowledged the fact that salaries  of the civil  servants were low , but  assured them that his government would address the issue soon.

Imran Khan said Pakistan was caught in a difficult situation but the phase would  pass soon.

He said from his personal experience     he has learned that nothing is impossible.

AlamulKhabar Pakistan