PM Imran inaugurates Mianwali-Rawalpindi Express rail

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday  inaugurated Mianwali-Rawalpindi Express rail service in his home town.

The prime minister said the government would spend more money to improve the railway services  as the country’s economy improves.

He said the government also had plans to evacuate lands of Pakistan Railways that have been encroached  in different parts of the  country.

PM Imran said his government was focusing on expanding and upgrading country’s rail network to ensure provision of cheap and fast traveling facilities for the common man.

“Focus of my government is on providing best possible facilities to the poor segments of the society.”

He said the railways can play a key role in ensuring equitable development and mentioned its development in China, which today has the highest concentration of high speed trains and has played a key role in the country’s progress.

“Train services provide travel facilities to common man and the governments, which give priority to the poor, focus on development of rail system,” he said.

During his speech, he said the government would  establish  universities in PM House and other buildings.

Earlier, In  a video message, Sheikh Rashid had said “the train will depart from 7am and will reach its destination in five hours. The train will depart for Rawalpindi at 2 pm,”.

The railway minister said that additional facilities will be given to the people by the department.

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