Meesha Shafi joins Super Salt 2019 as performer

Lahore: Super Salt 2019 or SS19 is shaping up to be the event of the year – it seems. Starting at 4 pm and ending at midnight (12 am), the show, which made its debut last year, is going all out in 2019.

If ‘SuperSalt’ 2018 was a multiple-act, audio-visual showcase featuring Mughal E Funk, SomeWhatSuper, Khumariyaan and Mekaal Hasan Band (feauring Madam Humera Channa), ‘SuperSalt’ 2019 is all that and more.

For one thing, the line-up this year is quite special and so far had been unpredictable.

Having announced the names of Islamabad-based Shamoon Ismail, the master of a genre he seems to have created called Punjabi Blues, Karachi-based rapper and satire artist Ali Gul Pir (who made the genre mainstream), Hamza Akram Qawwal (a modern qawwal with great depth), resident Salt Arts DJ Hussain Dossa, Salt Arts has announced the fifth artist. It’s Meesha Shafi. She will be performing with her band, which will include Sherry Khattak, Qamar Abbas, Zaigham Abbas, Kami Paul, Farhan Ali, Rake Jamil and Rufus Shehzad. In addition to this brilliant, eclectic and unpredictable line-up, SS19 is an all day event that will begin at 4 pm, so there will be a first stage as well, which will serve as a launch pad for Karachi-based artists from 4 pm to 7 pm. The first stage will feature Sunraz, described as a “a genre-bending, neo-soul, disco, post British r&b chill wave…”

The first stage will also see the prominent Hassan Bin Shaheen take the stage. He is said to be a writer, comedian and rapper, among other things. In addition, DJ Saulat Qadri will also be showcased. So, all in all, Salt Arts is hoping to end 2019 on an even bigger note than 2018 and if anyone can pull it off, it’s them given past history.

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