Kareena joins Bharat after Priyanka pulls out

Mumbai: Days after Priyanka Chopra pulled out of “Bharat” due to her awaited engagement ceremony with singer Nick Jonas, Kareena Kapoor stepped in as her replacement.

Had Priyanka gone with the shooting, ‘Bharat’ would have been Priyanka’s on-screen reunion with Salman Khan after ten years.

Kareena has been selected for the lead role beside Salman after shortlisting among Katrina Kaif and other Bollywood actresses.

The Kareena-Salman duo has already scored well at the box office with ‘Kyon Kay’, ‘Main Aur Mr. Khanna’, ‘Bodguard’ and Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

While the shooting for the movie has not even started yet, ‘Bharat’ isn’t coming out until Eid next year.

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