Irfan Khan finally speaks up about his health

Mumbai: When Irrfan Khan broke the news of him suffering from neuroendocrine tumour a few months ago, the country fell into a sorrowful calm. After seeing the actor on screen for so many years, making us laugh and cry with his impeccable talent, the news of his ailment took everyone by shock. Though the actor decided to keep his condition and treatment under wraps and avoided making a spectacle of it, everyone waited to hear from his on his condition, praying for his speedy recovery. 
After months of silence, the actor spoke of his treatment during an interview for his upcoming Hollywood film, Puzzle. Letting us in on the current status of his chemotherapy, Irrfan said, “I have had the fourth cycle of chemo. And I have to have six cycles and then we need to have a scan. After the third cycle, the scan was positive. But we need to see after the sixth scan. And then we’ll see where it takes me.”
While you could sense a bit of sadness in the actor’s words, he managed to keep us and himself positive with his hopeful words about the unpredictability of life, “There’s no guarantee of life with anybody. My mind could always tell me to hang a kind of chip on your neck and say, “I have this disease and I could die in a few months or a year or two.” Or I could just avoid this conversation completely and live my life the way it offers me. And it offers so much. I admit I was walking around with blinders. I couldn’t see what it offered me. You stop your contemplation, you stop your planning, you stop the noise. You see the other aspect of it. It gives you so much. Life offers you so much. That’s why I feel like I have no other words but thanks. There are no other words, there’s no other demand, there’s no other prayer.”

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