I wish Imran Khan and PTI all the best: Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut, who prevoiusly supperted India’s ban on Pakistani artists is hoping for  better relationship relationship with her neighbours now that PTI leader Imran Khan will be swearing in as Prime Minister of the country.

In a recent interview, Ranaut congratulated Khan for winning the 2018 General Election and said she hoped for a peaceful future. “Hopefully, we can only hope that we shed no more blood,” the Queen actor said.

 “It is unfortunate that our soldiers are dying. But, the kind of speech Mr Imran Khan gave was very, very nice. I wish him all the best and with my folded hands, I appeal that we have a beautiful relationship,” she added.

Earlier, the Rangoon star weighed in on the controversy surrounding Pakistani artists working in India, stating the artistic world is different from the physical world.

“The artistic realm is different from the physical realm. When you are talking about physical boundaries and you are talking about borders, why be esoteric. You should know about a place where people are losing lives,” she had said.

“At the time of the ban on Pakistani artists, the country was vulnerable where people were struggling and trying to cope with emotions. The common sentiment was, ‘Humko kya lena dena, hum toh artist hai’. This is not going to work. Above everything, you are Indians as well, and when you are talking about boundaries, you can’t go into an esoteric world and say ‘I am an artist’,” Ranaut added.

The Simran actor said she does not believe in religion and has come to the conclusion that her only identity is that she is an Indian.

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