I must face wrath of Allah if I telling lie: Shaharyar Afridi

Islamabad: The Minister for States and Frontier Regions and Narcotics Control, Shaharyar Afridi, on Tuesday said at the National Assembly that he or Prime Minister Imran Khan did not conspire against Rana Sanaullah, and challenged the PML-N leader to face trial in the drug trafficking case against him in the court like a man if he was speaking the truth.

The minister and the PML-N leader came face to face on floor of the National Assembly when the former accepting challenge of the opponent, swore on Almighty Allah and the Holy Quran that neither he nor the prime minister conspired against him. Saying that the government had no intention to implicate Rana Sanaullah in any case, the minister said they have not come to power to target opponents. “We should face wrath of the Almighty Allah if I am telling a lie,” he said.

Referring to a previous sitting of the National Assembly when Rana Sanaullah, holding a copy of the Holy Quran, swore that he was innocent, Afridi said that instead of swearing on the Holy Quran, Sanaullah should not use delaying tactics in start of trial and face the court like a man if he is speaking truth. The PML-N leader also arrived in the National Assembly hall when the minister was lashing out against him. “I was expecting that you will again bring a copy of the Holy Quran, but you are carrying a file,” Afridi while passing remarks at the Sanaullah said. The minister warned the PML-N leader that the government would not allow him to run away and follow the case taking it to the logical end because it concerns the country. “Rana Sanaullah should come to the House and on next day of hearing on 18th of this month, he will tell the court to start his trial,” he said.

In response, the PML-N leader once against pleaded that he was innocent and said Almighty Allah may have his wrath on him if he had involvement in any drug trafficking case or recommended release of any person involved in such practice. Rana Sanaullah reiterated that he had no links with any international gang of drug traffickers, saying as to where are other members of the gang if there were any. “Almighty Allah will do justice between me and you,” he said.

Rana Sanaullah said the minister should know that as per law, the trial by the court could start only after the investigation process is completed. He said that not only that investigation was carried out against him, the personnel of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), who arrested him, had no idea of any case against him. He challenged the minister that he should also swear while holding a copy of the Holy Quran as he himself did in the previous session. The presiding officer Syed Fakhar Imam allowed the minister to swear with ruling that such practice should not be repeated on floor of the House in the future. During speeches of the minister and Rana Sanaullah, the members from both sides also stood up exchanging harsh remarks with each other.

AlamulKhabar Pakistan