Gauri Khan says being Shah Rukh’s wife only has positive effects

Mumbai: Gauri Khan recently attended a book launch in Pune along with Amruta Fadnavis. At the event, when she was asked about the positive and the negative effects she experiences in her professional career being Shah Rukh’s wife, she said that there are a lot of positives because of who Shah Rukh Khan is. She said that she only takes the positives and not the negatives.

She further shared that even if there are some negatives, she has to brush it aside and the reason is because SRK helped her while launching Gauri Khan Designs and because he is important to her. She also stressed on the fact that he is a great father and husband and she’d like to share the positives and ignore the negatives.
Speaking about distancing herself from the media glare, she said that she leads a normal life, where she’s just another working woman. She picks and chooses when she wants to be in the spotlight, which is only connected to her work and when she needs to use the media. She feels media is important when one is showcasing their work as people need to know what you’re doing. And she enjoys that part as well.

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