Canadian woman lodges complaint of being harassed in Islamabad

Islamabad: A Canadian woman, known for her humanitarian work, was reportedly harassed by hoodlums in Islamabad. Police on Tuesday claimed to have booked two unidentified men after taking notice of the sad incident.

The woman complained that two motorists inquired about her address from the driver, adding that she was waiting for cab when two men pulled up in a car and started cat-calling her and repeatedly told her to get in their car. When she refused, they followed her for the next two hours as she travelled to the destination in Islamabad.

Finally, she took refuge in a shopping mall.

When the lady called on the police helpline 15 to seek help, she was told to approach the nearby police station to lodge complaint against the accused.

The woman then filed complaint on the PM’s Citizen Portal.

The incident occurred on Monday in an area on the confluence of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

On the other hand, the Islamabad police said that they have forwarded the complaint to the related superintendent of police for further action.

AJ*reportedly married a Pakistani man in 2018 and is currently visiting the country to raise awareness about social injustices including Islamophobia.

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