Bentley shows tmajestic menace with Mulsanne speed

London: Being the world’s most powerful luxury limo, having the biggest engine with 6.75 litres or sporting the most expensive car mats (£1,140), to give just three examples.

But there is one global honour that is unique to the British firm, which is celebrating its centenary next year.

They are the only one that has the Queen’s Royal Warrant on the top of the press pack.

Just for good measure Charles’s plume of feathers is there as well. But he, like the rest of the lower royals, seems to be a bigger fan of Audis.

However the Queen, apart from driving herself round Balmoral in a Land Rover, is nearly always chauffeured around in Crewe’s most famous export.

This is one of Bentley’s marketing crown jewels that no other manufacturer could buy for all the Earl Grey in China.

As far as brand ambassadors go Jaguar have Jose Mourinho, Range Rover have Anthony Joshua, Aston Martin have James Bond and Land Rover even boast Zara Phillips.

Bentley have the Royal Flush with the Queen of England.

Despite the Mulsanne being the pinnacle of their motors, you are unlikely to see Her Maj in this Speed version despite it being the flagship and most expensive version.

The base price of £252,000 (our car with extras was £315,000) is unlikely to put off HRH, it’s more the implication she should driver herself.

Traditional thinking had it that Rolls Royces were to be driven in while Bentley’s were to be driven.

The original Mulsanne changed this somewhat producing a rival to the Phantom as the car to be ferried around in.

With the Speed, Bentley have added £30,000 to the price and upped the fun to lure buyers into the front seat.

As a sales pitch getting customers to pay more so they can drive themselves could seem somewhat counter-intuitive.

But when you are buying a car with an £8,250 champagne fridge on the options list, common sense probably does not apply.

So the self-proclaimed “luxury sporting limousine” gets extra kit to make it stand out and give it more, well er, speed.

It has the same huge petrol twin turbo V8 from the regular Mulsanne but here it is tweaked from 505bhp and 752lb ft to 530bhp and 811lb ft.

The resulting third of a second off the 0-60mph time, making it 4.8 seconds, will leave hot hatch hooligans standing at the lights.

Flat out on the autobahn they still would not catch up as you sailed up to 190mph, 6mph faster that standard.

Ok they would catch you no problem on the twisty bits as despite revised suspension settings there is only so much that can be done to contain a car with a 2,685kg kerb weight.

Not to mention the fact that it is 5.75m long and 2.2m wide.

So despite the rear wheel drive and 8-speed gearbox with Sport mode, this is not a car to hassle.

The air suspension offers that level of serenity that very few cars can match.

Specially made Dunlop tyres with extra sound-deadening foam come as standard.

The Speed could also stake a claim to be the ultimate family car.

It comes with ISOFIX fittings in the rear seats which certainly gives a new meaning to chauffeuring the kids around. It even has a large boot with 443 litres.

With a larger front grill and the longer bonnet topped with a silver Flying B it certainly has more road presence than is smaller sibling the Continental.

But gawpers tended to ignore the driver and to try and peer in to the back seats. They generally got a bit of a shock when the rear window blinds dropped to reveal they were sitting on booster seats.

More dedicated Bentley aficionados would spot the discreet chrome ‘Speed’ badging on the wings.

Plus the rifled sports exhaust, the one inch bigger 21” wheels plus darkened lights and chrome trim.

Bentley themselves say the idea is to move the the Speed away from majestic and towards ‘a more menacing appearance’.

Inside the gearknob is knurled metal instead of wood, the leather seats have diamond quilting and the pedals are drilled metal items.

Despite the extra kit there is still a plethora of ways to lavish more cash.

If the standard 14 speakers and two subwoofers don’t blow you away, add the Entertainment pack for north of £15,000.

Its Naim system adds six more speakers and a 2,200-watt amp, Google maps , Wi-Fi hotspot and two 10.4” tablets that electronically rise up for rear passengers. Great for watching TV on, while reclining in the heated massage seats.

For a mere £3,825 up the luxury a notch with the Comfort pack which adds rear foot and head rests plus two leather covered duck down cushions.

The Mulsanne Speed is the daddy of the fast luxury limo market capable of lording it over any Range Rover or Mercedes S Class.

A rolling palace, fit for the Queen – if she is in a bit of a rush.

Price: £252,000;

Engine: V8, 6752cc, twin-turbocharged, petrol

Power: 530bhp

Torque: 811lb ft

0-62mph 4.9sec

Top speed 190mph

Gearbox 8-speed auto

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