Ban on Pakistani artists in India disservice to both countries: Dia Mirza

Mumbai: Amidst deterioration of matter between India and Pakistan and a complete ban on cross-cultural exchange Bollywood actress Dia Mirza recently came forth speaking and offering her two cents in this regard.

The actress said she believes the ban on Pakistani artists in India is a disservice to both the countries.

Speaking at a launch event of her upcoming web series ‘Kaafir’ where she essays the role of a Pakistani woman named Kainaat, Dia said, “Art always suffers at the hands of fear… but also art is also reunited and refuelled because of fear. I believe that these prejudices that have been imposed on us, not just take us away from our neighbours, it takes us away from ourselves.”

She added, “And when we deny ourselves the opportunity to communicate and exchange… we are only expressing to the world how fearful we are.”

‘Kaafir’ depicts the pressing times of the violence-torn Kashmir in the present day. 

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