Audiences choose masala over religious programmes: Noor Bukhari

Lahore: Noor Bukhari surprised fans and colleagues alike when she announced her departure from the entertainment industry last year. The former TV host and actor explained that her showbiz journey had come to an end as she embarked upon the path to religion.

Talking to The Express Tribune, the star shared how things have changed since her decision. “My life changed the minute I chose to put on my hijab. I cannot put into words the experience I have had but I will say that I really felt what an ideal life feels like after choosing religion.” She added, “I have always had a lot of love for my family but after this year, I have a general sense of love for all of humanity.”

Although Bukhari has chosen to end all her entertainment projects, she has been very open about wanting to be a part of religious shows. Since then, the Ishq Positive star has been on the hunt for such opportunities but has had no luck. Understandably, she is unhappy with the lack of options within her desired area of work. She believes that the reason behind this is the audiences’ preference towards productions entailing glamour and drama over those surrounding religion. “I want to work on religious programmes but I see no interest from the audience in this regard. All they want is the glamour and masala,” stated Bukhari.

Currently on a spiritual road, the former Good Morning Zindagi host is spending a lot of her time with the Mast Mast Healers group. Bukhari states that although she does want to work on religious shows, she feels content nevertheless. This comes down to the fact that she is in peace, overall. The former actor further provided that after spending time with said group, her life has been spiritually stronger; allowing her to face life problems with a much calmer attitude. “After joining this group, I have become even more religious… it has changed my life,” the Billi actor expressed. “The biggest change is that I have started forgiving all of those who have hurt me in the past.”

As part of her time with her “healers”, Bukhari has been engaged in the promotion of Quranic preaching. “I spend a lot of my time listening Surah Rahman after joining this group and I cant truly feel my life becoming beautiful. I advise all those who are stressed, upset or even depression to please listen to this Surah.”

The Mujhe Chand Chahiye actor, who actively attends talks hosted by the Mast Mast Healers, shared a video on her Facebook handle. The clip sees the star speak of her experience with the group and share her sentiments towards their preaching.

Bukhari was once classed as one of the best actors in Lollywood. She has a great film career spanning over 20 years and is still remembered for her talent that she portrayed in showbiz.

The former actor has been in the news of late – first for her move towards religion and then for her divorce from Wali Hamid Ali Khan. The breakup was a bitter one with the divorce case running long and accusations of torture and abuse made by Bukhari against Khan. After the official split, speculations regarding her fifth marriage arose. Nonetheless, the Zille Shah star was quick to shut down all such rumours.

But, that wasn’t the end of  Bukhari receiving flak for her personal life. During her time abroad, many began to criticise her hijab style, with some supposing her return to entertainment. She was seen attending film premieres and other showbiz events, which further fuelled the fire. But once again, Bukhari set the record straight and confirmed she has no intention of going back to the field she was once in love with.

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