Aamina Sheikh addresses body shaming in heartfelt Insta post

Lahore: In the fiercely competitive entertainment industry most celebrities are victims of body shaming and Aamina Sheikh wasn’t spared from it either.

Talking about the matter, the Cake star took to Instagram and revealed she has been a victim of body shaming since childhood. “In school they used to say ‘you have a hockey field for a forehead Aamina’ and I used to find that hilarious!” the 37-year-old actor wrote.

“Even now I find myself quoting that when notable designers, directors, photographers, makeup artists or colleagues admire it. Many television industry insiders still suggest that I cover it as ‘its too big and makes the face look strange.’ They tell me not to tie my hair so tightly as it’ll further recede the hairline and ‘you cannot afford that.’ I totally get it and take it with my stride,” added Sheikh.

The Maat actor went on to share that she soon found herself taking their suggestions but she did not allow these voices to create any kind of complex in her, not for a second. “These voices have never hindered me at all and I’d like to share why,” she said.

Sheikh attributed this self-confidence to her family.”During my upbringing, my parents, my siblings, my homeground – they never made any such comments. Such observations of one’s physical appearance was never a topic of concern in the home,” the actor disclosed.

The Daam starlet continued, “It was almost always about education, about developing life skills and traits, discipline etc. The only concerns in the household were matters that would later help us steer our lives successfully in a balanced and healthy way. That’s it!”

Sheikh concluded with the idea that home is the breeding ground of one’s sense of self. “Please be mindful, create that nest, that safe space and respectfully raise your children to be able to take the shame out of body shaming ! It begins with you!”

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